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Originally Posted by t4nk View Post
Indeed, since it was never incorporated into Angband. I recall you need to run autoconf with "--disable-sdl" actually (which disables SDL1), and then manually hack the Makefile.std (that's what I did back then)...

You can try to go back futher in this branch and look for something like Makefile.sdl2... although it probably shouldn't be there. If not, I can write the Makefile, but not right now, maybe in several days (also, I still don't know how autoconf works )

It actually uses .

When I run ./ the following takes place -

~/games/takkaria-angband$ ./
*info* running aclocal (-I m4)
*info* running autoheader
*info* running autoconf
which forms the .configure script

The Makefile is generated when the .configure script is taken care of . Once it is complete, you get a makefile.

If I just do -

~/games/takkaria-angband$ ./configure --with-no-install
then a makefile will be generated which has the sdl frontline disabled.

There is a Makefile though but that's in -

~/games/takkaria-angband/src$ cat Makefile.src | grep sdl
SDLMAINFILES = main-sdl.o
SNDSDLFILES = snd-sdl.o
There is this Q&A on stackoverflow I saw but dunno if its just what is needed

Reading it few times it seems it needs the following info. -
for libsdl2 and -

Edit - I found what needs to be fixed -


it seems acinclude.m4 is what needs to be fixed -

it needs

I did try to do a copy and replace but didn't get far.

This is what I did with acinclude.m4

I get the following errors when I try to ./ it -

~/games/takkaria-angband$ ./
*info* running aclocal (-I m4)
acinclude.m4:157: warning: the serial number must appear before any macro definition warning: macro 'AM_PATH_SDL' not found in library
*info* running autoheader
*info* running autoconf error: possibly undefined macro: AM_PATH_SDL
      If this token and others are legitimate, please use m4_pattern_allow.
      See the Autoconf documentation.
*error* autoconf failed. (exit code = 1)

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