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Finally a winner!

I remember playing Moria in 1996, probably started playing Angband in 2010, didn't play for quite a while and now my first try with 4.0.1 delivers my first win.


- Jumped from L18 to L28 through a !Exp
- On DL57, the 2nd =Spd I found in the game was a +16
- BDSM of Resistance at DL63


- about 45 Seeker Arrows of Holy Might and a few of Wounding, no running, no destruction, 1 rune, just side by side and firing arrows.
- 25 !Life, 50 !*Heal* of which I used 5 and 4.
- 5 ?Mass Banishment.... all used. TO used on the 2 remaining summoned uniques (Tarasque & Kronos)

Biggest mistake:

- Forgot about Ranger perk, so focused purely on Cubragol. Had already discarded Bow of Bard when I found out about Bows vs Crossbows. Ah well, the Lothlorien Bow did the trick.

Closest Call:

- 37 of 800-ish HP vs Atlas

Given all the Life potions and a complete Resistance I could have probably tried much earlier, though I only found the two sets of Holy Might Arrows yesterday.

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