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Originally Posted by Timo Pietilš View Post
I think weapon blows change has gone from "prefer heavy weapons" to prefer MoD over everything else. Every class can get max blows with MoD which makes high-ego MoD more powerful than things like Aule, which used to be one of the top five weapons in the game. Then if you find MoD with two extra blows you have weapon that beats just about everything.
I'm opposed to the off-weapon brands, even the x2, but haven't yet figured out how to express myself well. One aspect is that they are [IMO clearly] overpowered if you have base damage over 20. So this next suggestion comes from that, but doesn't have to be related.

I was thinking about proposing that instead of 5d8 with x3 slay undead, MoD should be 3d8 with x5 kill undead. That weakens the high end egos. I thought that was a drawback, but if you are right that is a benefit.
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