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Originally Posted by t4nk View Post
Anyway, whose idea was to use y, x order? It's just super annoying. Was it Ben Harrison? I remember in school we always used x, y coordinates - in this particular order; x first, y second. Is this different in different countries or what? Now Angband sometimes uses x, y, sometimes y, x, which is very error prone. I considered normalizing all that (to x, y) in new textui... I'll probably have to do it.
It is unfortunately semi-common (not just in Angband) to specify coordinates as (row, column), which works out to (y, x). I agree with you that it's super annoying, and if I knew who introduced it to Angband I'd probably want to chew them out (or at least ask why), but it's been like that for ages. Ben Harrison or earlier, I think.
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