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Originally Posted by fph View Post
It's 3-4 keypresses, but the UI to do it looks quite messy to me, especially when there are many quality options such as for weapons/armor. How do I squelch all "good" boots excluding boots of speed, for instance? Do you mean
Or: if I change my mind, how do I un-squelch all good weapons? How do I squelch scrolls of darkness, including fireproof ones? And so on...
Well, presumably boots of speed would be classified as "Excellent" (or whatever the classification is). Unsquelching would be similar to current Vanilla.

By UI, I really just mean the "press k.... then $.... then RETURN[1] then T or F".... and remember to then go into the automatizer and press "s" if you actually want your changes saved. It's utterly ludicrous compared to the Vanilla Angband system were it's "press k" (and perhaps "y" to confirm?) and everything gets saved along with your character automatically.

Originally Posted by fph View Post
And if someone isn't familiar with the whole type/subtype definition, that's another tricky part to figure out.
That bit really should go. If the squelch ("press k") is as quick to do as in vanilla, I could happily live with only being able to squelching on specific TVAL/SVAL combos. (There's very little logic to the TVALs, usually.)

Originally Posted by fph View Post
I don't use level/class conditions at the moment, but it looks like a useful construct for a "global" .atm file to use on multiple characters (which doesn't exist now).
It would techinically be useful, but I've never ever bothered using it -- it was way too much work to set up -- and AFAICT very few people ever did. (So, basically, looks like a <1% feature which isn't worth mucking up the common case with.)

I could see something like the poscheng/heng/entro system working a little better, but that's also pretty arcane IMO.

FWIW, I think the current interface is awful.

[1] Because the instructions are so long that you'll get a "-more-" prompt. I was I were kidding.
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