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The staff of Light description says it "lights up an area with a radius of 7 squares, plus the entire room if you are currently in one". In fact it lights up a radius of 7, allows the light to spill through walls, but does not light the room - in contrast to, for example, the monster darkness spell which darkens a radius and the room. Does anyone know if this is intentional?
I'm afraid the origins of this are lost to the mists of time.

Please, oh please keep the Angband graphics structure. I tried to make Gervais style tiles for Sil 1.3 but was stymied by the developer's putting ASCII definitions for objects in non-standard places. And the person doing Sil-Q threw away all of the Angband graphics in favor of a new set of tiles.
Adapting Sil to use tiles was a bunch of work. I would not expect a simple rewrite of Sil 1.3 to support tiles at all as a number of the design decisions made explicitly break tile support.

Angband default tilesets would in any case be incompatible with Sil as the elements being represented are quite different.
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