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Originally Posted by Quirk View Post
Adapting Sil to use tiles was a bunch of work. I would not expect a simple rewrite of Sil 1.3 to support tiles at all as a number of the design decisions made explicitly break tile support.

Angband default tilesets would in any case be incompatible with Sil as the elements being represented are quite different.
I beg to differ with you here. I reinstalled Sil 1.3 and the graphics system works, just like it did in the variant (NPP?) that half forked. I made an effort to modify the Gervais tile set and had moderate success. I stopped when I found that half had put some item descriptions in places other than the standard places. To fix the tiles I would have had to modify his code and I had no motivation for that.

I checked and in your first release (release 7) the graphic still worked, but after that you disabled the menus, and in 1.5 you had eliminated the original Angband graphics entirely, in favor of your home grown method.

I'll grant that I seem to be the only one at all interested in finding tiles for Sil, and I don't have the motivation to maintain other than the Gervais set. But now that Sil 1.3 is stable, I may take another stab at fixing it. If Nick follows through and converts Sil to the Angband code base I'll certainly support that.
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