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Originally Posted by Bill Peterson View Post
I beg to differ with you here. I reinstalled Sil 1.3 and the graphics system works, just like it did in the variant (NPP?) that half forked. I made an effort to modify the Gervais tile set and had moderate success. I stopped when I found that half had put some item descriptions in places other than the standard places. To fix the tiles I would have had to modify his code and I had no motivation for that.
I, meanwhile, have spent a good deal of time over the last year and a half adding tile graphics back into a game that was designed quite deliberately not to have them. From the Listen skill (replacing characters with *) to combat printing damage numbers over tiles, from glowing weapons to special artifact character glyphs, from unalert monsters being flagged by the ASCII character's background colour to the Rage herb... it is simply impossible to make Sil tiles work without extensive code changes.

Saying the tiles "worked" because there was a menu left over that showed a few Angband tiles in place of the characters suggests that you did not get very deeply into this. And that's fine! But please believe me that this is by no means as simple as you suppose, and the rewrite to a cleaner code base using modern Angband source will not support tiles unless Nick puts a good deal of Sil-specific work in to make it do so.

I will reiterate though that the Gervais tiles do not map to Sil items or enemies.

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