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Originally Posted by Estie View Post
Not really; the inventory list sorts them by 40s, no matter the composition, so as to use less space than a potentially diverse list by type would require. Thats kind of the whole point of the quiver.
Oh I see, it's

Quiver list (|)

Missiles that you carry will automatically be put in your quiver. The quiver has 10 slots; it also takes up inventory space, so every 40 missiles will reduce your number of inventory slots by 1.
That being the case, I suggest indicating them as space-consuming placeholder representations, instead of showing fake letter assignments for them--so in my case, instead of showing

u) in Quiver: 40 missiles
v) in Quiver: 5 missiles

where u and v are NOT actual selectable shortcuts, show

(Quiver: 40 missiles)
(Quiver: 5 missiles)

without any letter assignment.
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