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Throw vs Fire

I'm using the original command set.

I found a throwable weapon and was practicing with it. I noticed that when I do 'f' command it prompts "Fire which ammunition?" and puts up my quiver contents as the list to choose from. All well and good.

But the 'v' command isn't working as I expected. The doc says:

Throw an item ('v')
You may throw any object carried by your character. Depending on the weight, it may travel across the room or drop down beside you. Only one object from a pile will be thrown at a time. Note that throwing an object will often cause it to break, so be careful! If you throw something at a creature, your chances of hitting it are determined by your plusses to hit, your ability at throwing, and the object's plusses to hit. Once the creature is hit, the object may or may not do any damage to it. Note that flasks of oil will do some fire damage to a monster on impact. If you are wielding a missile launcher compatible with the object you are throwing, then you automatically use the launcher to fire the missile with much higher range, accuracy, and damage, than you would get by just throwing the missile. Throw, like fire, requires a direction. Targeting mode (see the next command) can be invoked with '*' at the 'Direction?' prompt. This command takes some energy.
So from that I'd expect 'v' to put up a list of my inventory, not my quiver. Ideally the items it makes sense to throw, but perhaps just the whole inventory, since you can throw anything whether it makes senses or not (throw an orc a slice of meat?) But rather than show inventory, the 'v' command also puts up the quiver, albeit with a different prompt "Throw which item?" and the prompt has an option, '/', to list the inventory - an option missing with the 'f' command.

So these commands aren't just aliases, but the 'v' doesn't seem to be particularly well tailored to what it seems to exist for, throwing weapons or flasks of oil and such.

I tried inscribing my throwing weapon with @v0, but when I type v0 it throws or fires my ammunition which is inscribed with @f0. That was also unexpected. Since the implementation of these commands isn't treating them as aliases, it seems the macro processor should be able to distinguish also.
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