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Well, what use really is it to have the 'f' command refuse to do anything if you don't have a launcher?

Why not just eliminate that check and have 'v' default to inventory and 'f' default to quiver, whether you have a launcher or not. If you have a launcher, 'f' or 'v' should use it if you pick something from the quiver, and if you don't have a launcher, or don't pick something from the quiver, they should both throw what you select. Even if it's a spell book.

I think both 'f' and 'v' should have options to switch lists. I.e. 'v' and 'f' are completely the same, except for which list they offer up first.

Now if you want to argue that there should be only one command in the first place, then I'll hear you out, but if we're going to have two commands, why not make them work symmetrically as above?
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