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Originally Posted by eastwind View Post
Thanks, i need all the help I can get!

I tried deleting my master fork and reforking, but it didn't help - the new fork still showed everything I'd ever done, and every pull request I start to make includes every change I've ever done, not just the most recent change - even though Nick has accepted the other stuff and the delta is really just the most recent change.

So my main fork, Eastwind921/master has all this junk in it I can't clear. It says it's up-to-date with master, they're on the same commit
Did you delete both your fork on GitHub and the local copy on your computer? After I deleted both, reforked, and then followed the procedure in my post above, newly generated pull requests were clean and only had the commits from the branch I had pushed to GitHub. Before that, I saw what you see, extra commits in the pull requests which Nick was kind enough to ignore.
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