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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
It also ignores their resists, hitpoints, and so on. What you've done is recreated half of the monster power algorithm (the bit that works out total melee damage). You need to add power for monster spells and defences - see src/monster/mon-power.c - it hasn't been updated for a while, so it doesn't take into account evasion or absorption properly yet. In fact to be clear, it doesn't take evasion into account at all (which means it needs updating), and it probably undervalues absorption, as it's what used to be simply AC.
Okay, fair enough, but I suspect that the monster power algorithm will show giant rocs as being overpowered too.
That's a very recent change, announced by takkaria in the V forum. IIUC it's intended to offset the fact that stat gain is much quicker now you can get from 18/90 to 18/100 in a single potion.
Mm, I started this game before Takk's announcement, so I don't know when exactly it went into effect. Do we know about when we want the player to be, say, 50% through with stat gain?
Is this after your changes to ammo dice? More food for thought re archery.
After, but my changes to ammo dice were pretty conservative (I only doubled their size, basically), since I didn't really know what an appropriate value would be. Ammo doesn't really scale over the course of the game the way weapons do, after all.
Well, the stats show that this time you really are just unlucky (compared with your first v4 AAR, when you were discovering quite how overly rare artifacts were in that version). Artifacts are still rarer than in V (though takk's recent changes have probably narrowed that gap by making artifacts less common in V), but you should certainly find a few before 3000'.
Can we run stats with randarts turned on? Just to make certain they have similar drop frequencies as standarts.
But isn't this precisely what the system is intended to encourage? IMO paladins *ought* to be the most prowess-biased class, so that makes sense. I'm not sure what's really wrong here - were you doing too much damage too early?
It's more that there was no reason I would ever consider using even an unbiased weapon, let alone a finesse weapon, because my finesse score was so abysmal. I don't think it's unreasonable for a paladin to want to be able to use a longsword without feeling like he's sacrificing too much damage.
Well, pseudo is going, at least its current implementation. I'd be happy for dice and plusses to be revealed in the same way (after a time which depends on class, with warriors quickest then rogues/paladins then rangers/priests then magi), with the speed increasing with clev (so it's instantaneous for warriors by cl20, and for magi by cl40, say).
Maybe I'll take a look at this when I get some time. No guarantees though; I've not looked at the pseudo/ID code before.
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