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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Okay, fair enough, but I suspect that the monster power algorithm will show giant rocs as being overpowered too.
I think the +5 speed must make a huge difference, along with whatever ev/abs it has. Before those changes, but after the elec hits, it was 173rd in absolute power and 115th in scaled power. So it was notably tough for its native depth, but not ridiculously so - its peers were master mystics, ancient golds and Dwar, Dog Lord of Waw. I think it would probably be in the top 100 now.
Mm, I started this game before Takk's announcement, so I don't know when exactly it went into effect. Do we know about when we want the player to be, say, 50% through with stat gain?
The trouble with questions like that is that they depend on diving speed - hence all the debates about setting one's own difficulty. I'd say we want stat gain to be 50% complete by around clev 40, and 100% complete after clev 50, but I think pro-divers will disagree (and I am in other ways very pro-diver).
Can we run stats with randarts turned on? Just to make certain they have similar drop frequencies as standarts.
That is possible, but nobody has the spare computing power to do it - it's an order of magnitude slower because of the randart generator. I've been postponing it until the generator rewrite, because it'll be a lot faster.
It's more that there was no reason I would ever consider using even an unbiased weapon, let alone a finesse weapon, because my finesse score was so abysmal. I don't think it's unreasonable for a paladin to want to be able to use a longsword without feeling like he's sacrificing too much damage.
I see. I guess this raises an issue with balance- and heft-changing affixes: sometimes they'll actually have a net negative impact on damage output, e.g. when they're applied to a weapon of the opposite preference.

So what you're saying is that the current values in the system are too extreme, and we ought to have slightly less of a gulf between finesse chars and prowess chars? So that sometimes a char will use an awesome weapon of the opposite preference? I wonder if this will undermine the success of the system (which I think depends on the extremes playing very differently), but it's worth thinking about.
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