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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
So what you're saying is that the current values in the system are too extreme, and we ought to have slightly less of a gulf between finesse chars and prowess chars? So that sometimes a char will use an awesome weapon of the opposite preference? I wonder if this will undermine the success of the system (which I think depends on the extremes playing very differently), but it's worth thinking about.
I wouldn't go that far. Certainly I have no problem with paladins never wanting to use daggers or rapiers. But longswords are unbiased -- 50% finesse, 50% prowess. Currently the only characters that I suspect would be willing to use such unbiased weapons are warriors (who have largely unbiased stats) and mages (whose class-based stats are so terrible that equipment and stat bonuses make up the bulk of their combat capability). That's wrong.

In other words, I want your average character to look at the three "classes" of weapons and think:

* This weapon is for the opposed combat modus. I don't want to use it.
* This weapon is for my combat modus. I'd like to use it.
* This weapon is unbiased. It's not as good as one for my modus but if it's good enough in other ways then I'd be happy with it.
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