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AFAIK the *only* change to Rocs is the +5 speed, which probably is the main reason for their difficulty. They were pretty burly in the past too, I've died to them before. That's not to say that they shouldn't be deepened or weakened.

Originally Posted by Magnate
That's a very recent change, announced by takkaria in the V forum. IIUC it's intended to offset the fact that stat gain is much quicker now you can get from 18/90 to 18/100 in a single potion.
Stat gain needs to either require *no* grinding or it needs to be unnecessary. Derakon has 660k game turns, assuming half of these were in stat-gain range, he should have higher stats

I proposed a while back a "minimum stat" approach where @'s effective stat (pre-equipment/RB-CB bonuses) is MAX(physical_stat, mstat(c_level)). So for example, you could imagine minimum stats to look something like:
CL0: 12
CL5: 13
CL10: 14
CL15: 15
CL20: 17
CL25: 18
CL30: 18/20
CL35: 18/40
CL40: 18/60
CL50: 18/80

I'm just making up numbers here, but the idea is that you can get character growth by either gaining levels or finding stat potions. However you can't get to your full potential with just one, you need both for that. This would also somewhat mitigate the problem of nexus stat-swap being game over.
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