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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
It's more that there was no reason I would ever consider using even an unbiased weapon, let alone a finesse weapon, because my finesse score was so abysmal. I don't think it's unreasonable for a paladin to want to be able to use a longsword without feeling like he's sacrificing too much damage.
I think we ran into a similar issue when balancing Sil. Our first guess for balance ran a straight line for the tradeoffs between two values as found on different items. This was a problem because character preferences generally translate to a derivative, and this would push them all the way to one end or the other.

Our solution was to replace the straight line with a curve. You might do that here by removing the "sum to 100%" rule, and letting balanced weapons get more than that (perhaps longswords 60% prowess, 60% finesse?), and perhaps extreme weapons less (90% / 5% at the ends?), while keeping 80%/20% as a 'typical' split.

Edit: I suppose you could also keep the balance numbers the same but increase the base damage for balanced weapons?

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