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Originally Posted by saarn View Post
In no case was a pure finesse weapon that I ran into ever appealing. Especially since the base damage per blow is so low that even if I had 20 blows per round, they all would be absorbed by half the monsters in the dungeon.
I've had similar concerns lurking in the back of my mind but never really got a chance to fully playtest a finesse character. Finesse and prowess weapons really ought to have the same average damage per round when used by appropriately-skilled characters; prowess characters maybe slightly higher due to the fact they hit less often, but not hugely so. But prowess weapons nearly universally have better dice than finesse weapons do.

If you want to go through the edit files and propose changes to the damage dice on weapons, feel free to do so.

Incidentally, last I heard missile combat was still semi-broken, so it's sadly no real surprise that shooting things didn't work very well.

I think it's easier because there aren't curses on equipment, there's less really bad equipment, less bad potions (I only hit one potion of saltwater), and generally the game seems less vindictive for making careless mistakes. I wish v4 were nastier (isn't getting screwed for being careless what this game is all about?). part of our efforts to remove the pure-tedium gameplay of identifying everything in sight before using it, ID-by-use has been made much less punishing. To allow for this, the vast majority of bad/cursed items were removed. Thus the player is never outright slapped for daring to try using something when they don't know what it is (though of course you can still be e.g. teleported into the middle of pack of monsters).

Aside from that, though, it may well be that the game doesn't punish gameplay mistakes as harshly as it could. Again, if you have ideas for how that could be fixed, feel free to speak up.

Weapons with brands and such don't seem a whole lot better than regular weapons
I'm inclined to agree with you, but I haven't yet convinced Magnate of this. Not that I've been making a concerted effort, mind.

Things I really liked:
first time running into a baby chaos drake and hallucinating wildly at Dlvl 17 or so. It was punishing, but it wore off in a few rounds so wasn't totally evil. Also gave me an early taste of what the deeper bits of the dungeon might be like.
Excellent. Exactly as planned.
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