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Originally Posted by saarn View Post
flasks of oil should be a viable missile weapon, particularly as launchers are too expensive for most characters' first trips into the dungeon. I'd suggest making them act like magic missile-- if they hit, it's some reasonable amount of unresistable damage not affected by armor (maybe 3d4). Right now they just bounce .
This is a wonderful example of overcompensation. They were originally 2d6, then they got BRAND_FIRE so they were effectively 6d6, which was way too powerful. Then they came down to 1d4, I think - which was 3d4 with the brand.

Now in v4 they add only +50% fire damage, instead of +200%. Their base damage is 2d4, but with brand that's now still 3d4, same as in V.

Personally I agree with you that they're underpowered (3d4 is the same as the original 2d6, with lower variance). I think perhaps they could get a +100% fire brand, which would make them 4d4, without unbalancing things too badly.
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