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This was really a poor competition character submission. I've got nothing against the early game being tough, but this guy's situation borders on absurd.

1. He's so un-stealthy that he's practically aggravating. I've never seen anything that wasn't awake.

2. There's no phase door or teleport available in town for the initial dive.

3. His first few HP increases upon level up are minimal.

4. Although he starts out with knowledge of the stinking cloud spell, it's damage is pathetic for the first few levels, and kobolds and worms are immune or nearly immune.

5. SP regeneration is awful.

6. Poor infravision and measly damage (and a point blank penalty?) means that {average} bow and slings aren't as useful as one might think.

7. Although he's not terrible with a weapon, because of his pseudo-aggravation he eventually succumbs to sustained series of attacks or a faster enemy.

I must have tried at least 20 times. I'd say 50% died on DL1. 40% made it to DL2 or DL3 before getting shredded by one of Maggots dogs. One made it just a bit further, to DL5 or so, and only one had any real measure of success, getting through the first few level with a combination of oil flasks and a number of early found potions of speed. This is from a guy who typically plays hard to start characters.

In other words, if this is your first brush with DAJ. Don't judge the variant based on this competition.

PS, what might make this fun is if he started out with an amulet of ESP, or a dagger who's only enchantment was ESP (so that he would eventually outgrow it).

Congrats to those of you who found a way to make this guy survive, I'd love to hear the stories.
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