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Sil: How much evasion?

This is going to echo something I've repeated about 3 times before on ladder characters, but what is a satisfactory evasion score to dodge the most damaging attacks? I understand protection, and have a good feel for how much I need at such and such depth, but am lost on the flip side of the issue.

Specifically, how much evasion do I need to face-tank a greater werewolf without seeing my gutty wutts spilled out all over the floor? I've always found these monsters trivial, but now that I'm trying to learn other aspects of the game, namely evasion and stealth, these things are demolishing me. My last, and best character, had about a +18 evasion, and 6-12 protection, or something like that. For a 6-12 protection, for example, would a +25 evasion be sufficient? Could somebody ballpark it for me so I can build toward it?

On a side note, I've played a few more stealth characters, each trying differing variations and I feel like I'm getting close to something that is comfortable for my play style and still gets a net use out of stealth. My last character was doing very well until these werewolves showed up.
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