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Now that I've gotten back in the swing of variant-hacking (which is partly to say that I've remembered the small amount of C that I knew, and even more importantly, remembered how to use the debugger), I've been making pretty good progress on RubberBand.

I've added dual-wielding (which works very similarly to shield-bashing except you're wielding a weapon in the shield slot), 2 new player races, several new timed effects, and a few new monster spells in addition to the bunch of changes to the monster list. Here's a few specific things I've done:
- player luck affects several things mostly behind the scenes, but one big thing is that it can save your life if you don't get damaged too badly. Luck ranges from -5 to +5 and starts at +1. When it saves your life, it goes down by 1 (and it can only save your life if it's above zero. Below zero is bad luck.) So far, the only way it can go up is by drinking the rare potion of luck. And black cats can lower your luck into the negative. (I'm planning on adding at least one more way to raise luck, but it won't be a common thing.)
- several monsters (including most humans, giants, and kobolds) are sometimes evil and sometimes not evil depending on the individual monster. For those races, the only way to tell if an individual is evil is by detecting evil (or using some other spell that affects only evil monsters), or by attacking it with a slay evil weapon. EDIT: There are even a couple kinds of ghosts which are not always evil: green glutton ghosts and "ghosts". Green glutton ghosts aren't even invisible all the time (but they can turn invisible temporarily).

and a few smaller things:
- main gauche is now primarily meant as an off-hand weapon and can get most shield egos. The long dagger replaces its level in the normal weapons.
- heal monster effects damage undead and do not affect other non-living monsters.
- trap-disabling effects damage trap monsters (which include mimics, lurkers, and creeping coins, as well as a few new monsters that use the ^ trap symbol).
- a few monsters have a CHARM attack which has a similar effect on the player as fear, but isn't blocked by prot-fear because, well, it isn't fear. The monster makes you think it's your friend. But taking a significant amount of damage also ends the effect (if it doesn't kill you first). !Berserk strength and a couple other things can also cure it.
- a few monsters can appear both in the town and the dungeon (shallow).
- mushroom of clear mind has a stronger effect than just protection from confusion, return of the mushroom of first sight and second thoughts, mushroom of the singing drunk, and mushroom of irritation from DaJAngband.
- the KEEP_DIST monster flag I mentioned in the OP.

In the OP of this thread, I said I'd make an option of monster lists to choose between mostly-vanilla monsters or more different monsters (mainly between icky things and yeeks, or fairies). But I've decided the weirdness of having two monster bases using the same symbols ('y' and 'i') isn't worth it, so I changed my mind about having that option, and the yeeks and icky things will be (almost) completely removed. 'y' is light fairies (like sprites and gnomes), 'i' is dark fairies (mostly goblins).

Question: I'm debating between letting all classes dual-wield or restricting it to classes which aren't primary casters (or paladins). What do you think?
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