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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
I don't see how you could dual wield anything but swords. I also like the way Sil does heavy-ish weapons like the Bastard sword. You can use it one handed with a shield. Or you can use it two handed for more damage. The very heaviest weapons require two hands to use at all.
On one hand, Angband kind of has a tradition of being unrealistic about this kind of thing with wielding a two-handed sword and still being able to hold a shield (and now shield bash). One the other hand, I had second thoughts about my restrictions in my most recent game when I could wield a lucerne hammer in the off-hand. So I'll figure out something slightly more realistic, probably I'll have must stricter weight restrictions on anything that isn't a sword. (I can imaging dual-wielding with a small axe or small war hammer in the off-hand). I like the idea of giving a bonus to heavy weapons when not wielding anything in the off-hand.
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