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Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
Pretty much as the title.
You supply a source artifact and a destination object that is neither an artifact nor an ego item. The source object is "scored" and a target score is computed based on fame and the whims of the random number generator. Obviously, this is a fraction of the original score. Then, random artifacts are rolled using the destination object and each one is scored until a result that matches the computed destination score is attained. In short, you get a result that is roughly 40 to 70% as powerful as the original. And you pay gold based upon how powerful the original artifact is.

Obviously, artifact creation can be OP, so the game uses the concept of fame to limit what you can reforge, and the quality of the results. Ask the Inn keeper if he has heard of you to check your reputation. More fame equals more powerful reforges, so you'll want to improve this.
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