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I have managed to get a character to DL 36, CL 24, with some difficulty.
* waste of vertical space (previously mentioned)
* Onscreen special keys don't work and are too small.
* World map doesn't optimize for interesting things (Strong monster > lesser monster > treasure > wall > known floor > blank space. World map is *critical* on small screen.
* keyboard is hard to use. Could use more vertical space. (Regularly hit P instead of L. Almost never hit K instead of L.)
* character dumps are not accessible from file browser. (Save to Google drive, or expose user directory to file browser.)
* Need a simple command to center the screen on the player (once screen is at least 40x40.) Also: scrolling shows too much of where you've been, and not enough of where you are going (and what monsters are ahead of you.) I'm seeing way too many attacks from off screen.
* Need in-game control of screen brightness.
* Get rid of dark blue text in lore and other descriptions. Blue on black is unreadable--especially in a small font.
* Add list of top ~5 most dangerous monsters in LOS to control panel. (Glyph is enough.)

Will add to this post as more issues come up.

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