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Originally Posted by d_m View Post
Is there any obvious work that I could do to make the touchscreen more feasible?

We could really use some help to dev and test for touchscreen support. If you are an experienced developer and have a passion to see improvements in touchscreen Android Angband we would be glad to add you to the project.

Right now there are 3 ideas, and all of them in my mind are for the newer wvga devices. There are no doubt other good ideas we haven't thought of.

1) Portrait orientation, keyboard on the bottom, Angband runs on the top, simple side-to-side flick scroller to move the view as needed. See the Android market port of Nethack for an example of this technique.

2) No keyboard, shrink display slightly, add a row or two of assignable buttons for macros.

3) Transparent keyboard overlaying the whole landscape fullscreen.
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