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The reasoning behind the percentage approach has faded in my memory. If I had just settled on "Losing 100 HP gives X SP, and spending 1 SP gives Y HP" it may have been better. One thing I do remember: I wanted to give extra healing the more hurt you were, to reward a more risky or aggressive style. This is very noticeable in the gameplay if you are counting on your spells to heal you.

"Gain stays low at msp<10 because MP gains are generous at msp<10" -- I gave extra SP to characters with less than 10 max SP so they would have a chance to use the early spells like Seek Battle. This comment is merely trying to explain why the HP gains when those SP are used are muted. You get the same healing in the end. e.g., if you lose 50% of your HP, then cast a spell with all the SP you got, you end up at 62.5% HP no matter how many max SP you have.

"the goal should be low MSP, consistent with fail rate" I don't think you really benefit from low MSP. There's a bit of a trade-off: with more MSP you get to cast more spells, but you need to cast more spells to earn the same amount of healing.
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