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Originally Posted by saeniel View Post
By the way, are you planning some updates to improve usability for Android gaming ?
As you know, Angband is keyboard-intensive, and it has a lot of commands. The menus can also have many options (letters and numbers).

The angband screen has many elements (stats at the right, flags at the bottom), so dealing with all that (on small devices) isn't an easy job. Plus, we are all accostumed to access the many commands of the game in a very fast way.

I think that the transparent keyboard is a nice addition, but it's a bit annoying in the middle zone of the screen. Still, the game remains playable. I have a ranger near dlvl 100 right now.

I have plans to take that middle portion of the keyboard and put it in the upper-right corner as a possible improvement.

I'm open to brainstorm about new inputs methods
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