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Hi just checked out your blog post.

You could almost play hellband online at one point on

But as far as I could tell you broke some directory handling stuff, specifically combining the treatment of the lib folder and the user folder, which would seem to make sense on a single user machine, but ruins the multi-user setup. If I specify user directories on a per-user basis it doesn't look for default .prf files in a common location the way all other *bands do.

I also didn't appreciate your changing the spelling of color to colour in the internal variable names, despite being british myself. It made it more work to apply the colour patch. And they tease me over taking exception to certain British fairies being born in Whales.

But long story short, you don't need to convert the whole thing to JS in order to play it in a browser. You just need to fix the .prf directory handling and the reference to large aquatic mammals and I'll add it to the site.
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