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Well, both because of the contingency of being sneaked up on by a monster which I just happened to miss seeing, and because I'm more naturally an up close and personal sort of chap, I've generally been playing the classes with good melee, ---- my favourite being paladin sinse you've got healing and other effect spells if needed.

I've also been finding money a trifle hard to come by, ---- though maybe that's because I've been playing Daajangband with the no selling option, so am used to getting more gold, ----- and it doesn't stop me getting crunched anyway, lol!

Btw, both in Faangband and Oanband, I'm wondering where the sound is? I tried the Angband soundpack with the sounds from the bbc radio play version of lotr, ---- which was really nice if a trifle anacronistic for the first age, but found that lacked a few handy options and features, being as it was an earlier version of Angband, so I've put up with the three or four sounds in the original version, ---- but the two Oanband varients don't seem to even have those. Any particular reason why?
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