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I used to be a proponent of the timed-stat drain, but cogent arguments convinced me it was a bad idea. If you get drained then all you need to do is go to the town and wait until your stat comes back. This is a problem, because there's no penalty to waiting around in town unless you're playing for low turncount. Therefore, stat draining has a readily available but tedious fix, which is more annoying than fun.

This was the same reason why stat gain was changed. In the old version, you could scum the town until the proper stat restore potion showed up. Enough people thought that was bad gameplay to warrant the change. Stat restore on level-up is in the testing phase, if enough people hate it, it will probably go away. However, so far, most responses have been positive.

As far as generosity is concerned. Restore on level up is very generous in the early game when level gain is easy but less generous after dlevel 30 where there is significant adventuring to be done between levels. At the endgame it's more punitive, and late game stat-drainers can actually be a big pain.
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