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Originally Posted by Nero View Post
Click For DUMP

Tell me what you think, I know its just starting but I was wondering if anybody thought I could go all the way with this.

I was right in the middle of a fight and I am about to tele out and heal so thats why the HP is so low.
I don't want to be a buzzkill, but this guy is a mere infant in the pits of Angband. It's a nice start, but this game is a marathon! But here is some advice for keeping your little guy alive.

First, recall back to town and buy 6 ?WoR.

Second, don't ever let your HP get so low. EVER!

Third, wear your rings of resist heat and cold.

Fourth, buy as many scrolls of treasure detection as you can (or a rod, if the BM has one). Start searching for a bow or xbow.

Fifth, buy a staff of teleportation. Buy any ?tele, ?tele level and ?deepdescent you can. ?phase is for getting a better attack position; the others are for escaping danger.
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