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@Sirridan: right.
Another point: most expert players are more concerned with detecting stairs than with detecting objects, prior to stat gain. Any turn spent in searching for loot (beyond picking up unidentified rings, amulets, rods, and potions*) before 1500' is wasted. Make sure you have enough cash for _Tele; otherwise go get those stat potions, Stat!

* These are the objects for extreme diving; also included in that list are wands (if you don't have -TO), and sometimes scrolls.
If you aren't an extreme diver, sure pick up other stuff that might be interesting. But don't go out of your way to pick up a single !CSW or ?ID (etc) unless you are playing ironman. It's less effort to restock in the store.

And go read about optimization as it refers to RPGS or math in general.

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