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Originally Posted by Firons2 View Post
What is the percentage reduction of EXP gain for pet kills? Is it possible to play using only pets? I seem to be gaining very little to none EXP both from my necromancy rat summons and animated corpses. Thanks.
You get 20% of the XP and the pet gets the remaining 80%, except on Quylthulgs (both you and the pet get the full XP) and Rings (same as Quylthulgs in the special case of the ringbearer). Note that what you get is 20% of the XP that would otherwise go to the pet; that might be higher or lower than 20% of the XP you'd get for scoring the kill yourself, since monster XP calculations are not quite identical with player calculations, and the monster's level likely does not equal your level. There are also some additional tweaks for the faster game speeds.

It might be technically possible to win using only pets - people have done stranger things with the game... - but I would not recommend it except on a Quylthulg.
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