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Originally Posted by SonicSpeedBryce View Post
Oh. It appears that the Necromancer and Blackguard classes are much more complicated than I first thought.

Maybe I should try a different class for now. Maybe a Ranger?
Depends on what kind of game you are interested in. If you want a game similar to mage, but a bit more forgiving. you can try rogue. They play similar to mages, but are tough enough to melee every now and then. If you wamt a more aggressive playstyle without all the Blackguard weirdness, warriors are a good choice.

I honestly find Rangers to be tough. Their melee capabilities are bad, their health is good but not great, and their stealrh is also good but not great. Meanwhile most of their early spells are easily reproducible with items you can buy in town. All tbey really have going for them are fast bow shots. Geeat if you can find a powerful bow, not so much otherwise.
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