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Originally Posted by m0stlym0nk View Post
Want to banish all L's on a floor? You need to put the work in to find one and safely get in LoS so you can target it to banish it and its brethren!
Does this really change anything though? An endgame mage has 0% chance of failure with Banishment, and will almost definitely be at speed parity with 99% of every non-unique mob in the game (or at least the truly dangerous ones). So sitting around a corner, waiting for the first Z to enter LOS and then banishing Z doesn't really seem to do anything but add extra steps without adding any additional risk.

I guess it makes Druug's slightly more dangerous, but still doesn't seem like a big enough jump in danger to make endgame mages interesting.

That being said, I don't play mages, and Banishment is so rare for everyone else that it never figures into my strategies, so I don't particularly care what we do with it. If the people who do play mages thinks this will add something, then sure go right ahead.
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