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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
Thanks everyone for the excellent discussion, I am again amazed by this forum

I agree with pretty much all the points made. So here's my current thinking:
  • Herbal Curing really is rubbish where it is. How about we just replace Cure Poison with it, in book 1? Probably just for rangers, I don't know what we do for druids.
  • I'm inclined to agree that rangers should get the same bonuses for all missile weapons. This kind of loses the niceness of Create Arrows. Could we maybe add a later spell that creates bolts or shots (out of something else, or even out of nothing), so regular bows have a distinctness still?

Opinions on these, or other suggestions?
Ranger gets a *greater stone to mud* spell that whenever stone is turned to mud, there's a chance that bolts or shots appear on the ground where the wall they just turned to mud was. Or, if one prefers a little more toiling, they get a "lesser stone to mud" spell that doesn't quite manage to turn the stone into mud, but instead, turns the stone into rubble. The rubble piles have a chance of having sling or bolt ammo beneath them.

Or maybe a pair of spells: "Fashion bolts from rubble" and "Fashion pebbles from rubble".

I also think that mithril ammo should have significantly less breakage.

arrows currently break 30% of time, mithril arrows should break 3X less often (so 10% of the time).

mithril bolts should thus break 7% of the time.

Iron shots should break 2% of the time and mithril shots 0% of the time.

@Estie a dragon-horn bow would be awesome! I love this idea. I'd like it to be significantly less common than Lorien bows but native power X5, not X4 (and maybe extra shots not possible to appear on non-artifact dragon-horn bows).

Originally Posted by MattB View Post
Would it break the game if, instead of extra shots, rangers *never* missed with a bow?
Seems like a nice buff which would help an early character without overpowering a late one.
Maybe at level 30 crits would become more likely.
I'd prefer over extra shots the bow to increase in might at various strength and/or DEX thresholds (not too dissimilar to how blows increase).
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