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Well, you're a paladin so you can't detect hounds or hydras. However, you do have access to cheap portal. Neither of those are worth fighting, especially since you are not outputting much damage with that mace, so just portal away if you see them or get breathed on by something that you can't see.

Use rods of light to light up corridors and carry some scrolls of deep descent or tele level in case you portal into a bad place and need a sure escape.

Unfortunately, what you're missing are stat gain potions, and you won't find them until dlevel 30

Originally Posted by SaThaRiel View Post

got my dwarf paladin at level 25 (Khrazuk) and i am a bit stuck now.
I know that i should be a lot deeper, but i already have problems with Hydras and Hounds (no Ds and mature ds right now). Orcs, Orges and so on are not a big problem.
So, what am i missing? I think i have some good stuff for my depth, but since this is an promising char i am afraid to go deeper and risk a sudden death

Maybe someone can give me an advice. I am not a good diver. Thanks a lot
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