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Originally Posted by d_m View Post
I don't have time to look at your actual gear. But here are my thoughts:

1. I would probably save the two best speed rings I've found so far, in case I have a heard time getting speed. Maybe with Ringil this is less of an issue for you.

2. Have you been wielding the egos? At this point you probably only care about egos which are splendid, so that's an easy way to weed a bunch of other egos out without having to cast identify.
No I was not aware of that feature (just goes to show how much of a noobie I am).

Originally Posted by d_m View Post
3. Even though it's tough to leave artifacts behind, I try to not bother carrying artifacts which I'm never going to conceivably need.
Yes, but usually I get so few artifacts that I can carry them back to town and sort them there.
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