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Originally Posted by fizzix View Post
As for speed, you are already stacked in that department. You have +9 boots, ringil (which you'll probably wield vs sauron and morgoth), and +9 DSM of speed. You do not need to be wearing a speed ring at all with this gear! A damage ring is preferable in that spot, oddly enough, eventually to be replaced by elven rings when you find them. I can't imagine the situation where you wield the speed ring in the second slot.
Annoyingly there is Elessar in his findings, which means he can now use two rings for whatever he needs, but that also means lack of disen resist, which as we can see from Cambeleg damage, is a problem for him.

Gondor would solve problem with missing important resists, but it doesn't have ESP. He actually needs that Elven ring for "perfect" gear (though this is already good enough to beat Morgoth, he only lacks consumables).
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