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I also have a problem with an "overflow" of {ego} items: I brought four staves of identify, found several ? of identify in the dungeon, but ran out of charges so that I couldn't identify every {ego} item.
Congratulations, you have identified the problem known as TMJ (too much junk). To get around this there are at least 2 solutions.

One: test wield as what d_m said and set squelch to splendid, however this is still relatively slow.

Two: start destroying items on the floor except for items that are potentially useful. You can create a macro 099k-ay which will destroy the top item in a stack. Its unlikely you will be doing too much shooting given your melee damage output, though you may want to test wield and identify excellent ammo. As artifacts cannot be destroyed by macros, this is a safe technique.

For you that means all weapons except blade of chaos, scythe of slicing, and mace of disruption, unidentified ego cloaks, and high DSMs (e.g. law/chaos/psuedo etc.) if you really care, boots, as boots of speed +10 are ever so slightly better than what you have. Basically any weapon that provides a serious boost in damage compared to Ringil to either evil, undead, dragons, demons, or giants may be worth keeping. As Ringil is so good with +10 speed, the damage output must be a large increase. I would keep zarcuthra (dragons) and azaghal.
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