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Originally Posted by perdaniel View Post
There are some ?Banishment and ?Mass Banishment on the floor, I'll bring them back to town. I'll drop the spare rings of speed. Is there no risk of ending up in the middle of some dangerous enemies (such as time hounds) when I use deep descent or teleport level? I am a bit skeptical about using deep descent as an escape, as I think it might land me in even worse monsters deeper in the dungeon. I try not to collect artifacts as trophies, but I am careful about junking them in case I might need them later. As I am a noobie I trust the judgement of the sages here over my own judgement when it comes to which artifacts to junk.
There's little difference between dungeon level 65 and dungeon level 99 as far as difficulty. The only real difference is more uniques, the standard denizens don't get much more difficult.

When you change levels by either recall, stairs, teleport level or deep descent you get the first move. So if you land in a room full of hounds, you have the option of escaping immediately. (another ?teleport level, ?deep descent, or ?*destruction will work.) Don't use anything that has more than 0% chance of fail when failure means death! You will not get the first move after ?teleport, so if you teleport into a room full of hounds, they get to breathe first. Make sure you have ESP and you can always know if you're in immediate dagner. 8 time hound breaths will kill a 1000 HP character at full health. Gravity hounds are the second biggest threat, then Chaos and Plasma hounds. However, you probably can survive everything but time and maybe gravity. Even worse than ?teleport is _teleport, which has a 3-4% fail on top of the fact that you won't get the first move after teleporting. _teleport is a great early escape because you can use it when blinded and confused, but once you have rblind and rconf, you've essentially outgrown it and should trade it for more reliable escapes.
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