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1. Part of the learning curve of Angband is to know what monsters you can kill and what are better to be avoided. If you are playing a flimsy character it is a good idea to rely on stealth and to avoid most monsters until you have better equipment. Some of the early not moving monsters grant good experience; try to kill them from afar with ranged attacks to get some levels.
Stronger characters can kill pretty much everything on early levels.
Later in the game the use of probing rods and staffs can tell you how dangerous monsters might be and how many experience points you would get for killing them.
Use phase door scrolls to attack moving monsters and get away.
Also, it is vital to have means of escape like teleport level.

2. The modern angband versions tell you how many damage you will do with any weapon. Heavier weapons have better chances for critical hits. If your to hit ability is not too good more hits might be better than fewer just to increase chance of hitting.

3. Depends. I ususally don't use most of the staffs because they are heavy and block an inventory slot. They can be useful though. I use them when I find them in situations where they might help. Some uniques can be slowed which makes it easier to kill them.

4. Any class and race combo can win the game. A weak paladin might be a bit of a challenge. Hobbits have good stealth though and also good saving throws.
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