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Originally Posted by desmondch View Post
Just dropped back into *banding having had a dry spell for a while, and didn't feel like getting into anything too weird, and having just watched LoTR 1 2 & 3 in quick sucession on a projector at home, was quite in the mood for some V.

I am a '*bander of Weakness' (-2 credibility), as I can't deal with the text style, or crap graphics style *banding, and as such rely on the AngbandTk bunch, or TomeTik.
Is the "text style" of normal Angband related entirely to the fact that the tiles are never sized properly? Or does it go deeper, i.e. do you make use of the menubar to play the game?

Really, I'm looking for a list of things that you want that current Angband doesn't provide.
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