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Hope this doesn't count as "hijacking" this thread, but I was about to start another thread on this topic.

I was a Ztk player years ago and miss it dearly, so these days I play V with 32x32 tiles (yeah, yeah, shame on me!) There are a few improvements I'd love to see...
  • Be able to hide the player summary 'sidebar' from the main term-0 window, this means I could move that to another term but with a much smaller font (as playing with 32x32 tiles means the text is HUGE in term-0). Un can do this, this screenshot might explain what I mean better
  • Somehow do away with the increase/decrease tile width settings, this is really obscure for new users, some fixed presets (16x16, 32x32 etc) and a 'custom' setting for advanced users. Sure you can edit the ini file but that's not friendly
  • Some mouse interaction with the other term windows would be nice, i.e. double clicking an item in your inventory list will use/equip it.

Thanks for listening, and it's good to see angband in active development again, thanks guys!

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