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Originally Posted by runequester View Post
How much do you rely on various wands, staffs and rods?
The essential staves are detect evil and teleport. Identify, Mapping and Light can be OK sometimes. Later on Banishment and *Destruction* are really important.

Attack wands are often not worth it, unless you happen to find a "ball wand" early or you have bad luck finding good ranged weapons. Teleport other is amazingly important. Wand of light can be good early on.

Detection rods are really important: detect traps, detect doors/stairs, detect treasure. Eventually rod of detection is important. Rod of illumination can be important to. Eventually you find rod of teleport other which is super useful as well.

Overall, these are really important for warriors since they lack spells.

Originally Posted by runequester View Post
Are the various "resist" potions worth the inventory space at lower levels ? (say pre 20?)
Not really. I will carry them when I find them until I run out of room, in case I need them, and will store them at home between trips. They get more important later on.

Originally Posted by runequester View Post
Further on potions, what sort of potions are worth hanging on to, and what is trash?
Cure potions are obviously a big deal... ideally you'll have a stack of CCW. Heroism is important before level 30 to deal with fear (and to get attack bonus). Berserk and Speed are super great, and I often try to save them for important situations. Obviously stat potions are really good. I guess the potions I mostly don't bother with are things like Boldness, Neutralize Poison, Infravision, True Seeing, etc.

Originally Posted by runequester View Post
What are the main considerations when looking for a weapon in the below level 30 part of the game?
Damage per round is the biggest one, unless you have good ranged attacks and find a weapon with other great bonuses. Once your STR/DEX get higher you start trying to find heavier weapons. There are some *slay* weapons (dragons, demons) that are worth hanging on to as well.

Originally Posted by runequester View Post
Are the dragon scale armours worth picking over heavier conventional suits with more armour class? (gut says yes, but I'd love to hear other people's opinion)
Eh, it depends. If you are excited by the activation, and have base4 covered already, then they can be good. Also, some of the exotic ones are pretty nice (obviously power dragon, as well as chaos/law/balance and maybe multihued). In general I wouldn't find myself wearing black DSM unless I found it really early or it had a great ego.

Originally Posted by runequester View Post
Any general tips and tricks for warrior types in the early game ? (let's focus up to about level 30 for now)
Carry tons of phase door, lots of cure potions, stay in corridors, don't hold down arrow keys (use ESC/tilde to clear messages), try to aggressively go after new item types (e.g. unknown wands, rods, etc) to collect what you need. Try to find a +9/+9 or better longbow/xbow as quickly as possible, and use ranged combat to soften things up.

Carry detect evil and teleport staves as soon as you can, and don't be afraid to bail on any fight/level to stay alive. Once you're out of cure potions don't try to stick around and win a close fight. Until you find a great weapon/ring of damage/etc you will not have fantastic damage output, so be patient.

Sorry this advice is kind of stream-of-consciousness. I am sure others will have better advice but I play warriors pretty often and tend to do well with them.
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