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My biggest piece of advice for warriors is to play with no-selling. Above all other classes, warriors have the biggest inventory constraints, because they can't pack multiple utility abilities into a single inventory slot and they have to rely on archery for ranged combat. Having to leave slots open for loot to sell only makes things worse.

Otherwise, detection is the warrior's biggest weakness. Until you get telepathy and Rods of Detection you won't be able to reliably know what's in the dungeon around you, so you need to be prepared to flee at a moment's notice. That means carrying Teleport / Teleport Level (scrolls for 0% failure rate, and staves if you lack both confusion and blindness resistance). Off the top of my head, the top inventory items for warriors are:

* Cure Critical Wounds (never leave the town without at least 15)
* Phase Door (why get hit in melee when you can wear your opponent down with ranged combat?)
* In the early game, Heroism (being frightened almost completely shuts you down)
* Speed (vital to turn burly uniques into manageable fights) -- once you get a Staff of Speed, save your potions in the home for the endgame fights where the enemies can drain charges
* Escapes (Teleport, Teleport Level, Teleport Other)
* Detection (Staff of Detect Evil early on, Rod of Detection once available -- also, Staves of Mapping are surprisingly handy)

Optimize your weapons for damage first and foremost. Extra defensive abilities do warriors relatively little good because they have the strongest innate defense (read: hitpoints) of any class -- though of course Free Action is vital. Also if you have a weak weapon with telepathy it can be worth using as a swap.

Again because you have such strong HP, resistances are comparatively less important, and you can dive much more aggressively. You'll want to get the basic 4 eventually, but I often put it off a lot longer than I'd be willing to with other characters. Poison resistance can also be delayed if your max HP exceeds 800; just don't go exploring at less than 800 HP, and know what can breathe poison at you.
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