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RFire, RCold, RAcid, RElec are the basic resists. Like RPois, they don't matter too much until the mid-20's, but become progressively more important later. As a warrior I also prioritize RConf and RBlind when I have that luxury (RBlind lets you skip RLite and RDark, but they're reasonably useful if you don't have it). Telepathy and Free Action should be prioritized as soon as you have access to them, and the same goes for See Invisible if you don't have Telepathy (which is almost always, in the early game).

Warriors should almost always prioritize dealing as much melee damage as possible; shooting damage can come in handy if you find a nice bow or crossbow.

TL;DR --- a warrior will do well in the 0-30 stretch if his gear emphasizes See Invisible, Free Action, and damage.

As for items: I'm not up to date with the current Vanilla, and others have given great advice. But I'll give you my take on warriors. They need 3 things:

Healing: As much as you can get. Prioritize healing that clears Blind and Conf. When inventory crunches, cut the stacks that are worth less total HP.

Evasion: The main thing here is a healthy stack of ?PD. ?Tele is even better if you have them. Wands of Sleep Monster and the like can *sometimes* do in a pinch. Basically, you just need ways to run away, the faster the better.

Intel: Identify. Illumination. Light beams. Detect objects. Mapping. Anything you can get your hands on.

When you're spending money in town, you can basically blow it on ?WoR, ?PD, ?ID/_Percep, and !CCW.
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