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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
One thought I had was that archers only get the bonus if they're the correct race - so elf with bow, hobbit with sling, some races get nothing.
I like the thought, but "nothing" would be a bad idea from a gameplay perspective. Perhaps a breakdown of archery bonuses more like this:

Elf (incl. half- and high-): Bow
Human (incl. Dunedan): Bow/crossbow (gets bonuses with both)
Hobbit: sling
Dwarf: crossbow
Half-orc/troll: probably same as human
Gnome: sling/bow?
Kobold: sling/crossbow?

These assignments thematically connect each race with a choice of archer weapon, without completely screwing anyone over (though hobbits are left worst-off, as good slings are rare).
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