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Oh yeah. If you're revamping the archer class, can you please please please give it extra might instead of extra shots? At least try it out?

Now, regarding your contemplations:
Warrior: Almost or completely unchanged. Examples - Boromir, Turin, Hurin.
If you're going to have multiple low-magic classes, they'll need to be strongly-differentiated by some other method. Warriors are acceptable-to-good at basically every non-magical skill except devices, so that doesn't leave you a lot of room to maneuver. On the flipside I have a little trouble saying that warriors need to be nerfed just so you can add more classes that are different from them. They feel like they're in a good spot balance-wise right now.

Rogue/Thief: Fairly similar to current, stealthy and tricksy. A selection of arcane spells, and the ability to steal from monsters. Examples - Bilbo, Beren (maybe).
Why steal from monsters when you can kill them and take everything? What's my incentive here? More generally, keep in mind that everyone needs to win, and to win they have to kill Morgoth and Sauron, so that implies a certain amount of martial capability; how do rogues kill things?

Ranger: This has always been a bit of an odd class; this suggestion is a re-thought Middle Earth ranger. Good stealth, ability to trick monsters, good use of the environment, goodish archery, decent fighting. Spells from the nature realm. Examples - Faramir and his people, Aragorn (in some aspects).
You're going to run into trouble with player expectations if the ranger is merely "goodish" at archery. Rangers are baked into the public consciousness as master archers, so they'd at least need to be next-best after the straight-up Archer class. Either that or ditch the Ranger entirely, seeing as Druids (current Nature users) already seem to be a hybrid class in playstyle if not in intent.

Archer: This takes the excellent archery from the old ranger class, and also the weaker melee fighting. Possibly no spells, or possibly a few utilities, from one of the non-shadow realms. Examples - Legolas, Beleg.
As noted above, please use extra might instead of extra shots. This becomes especially relevant if you expect the archer to kill most enemies with their bow, as ammo management rapidly becomes a chore.

Assassin/Brigand: Treacherous, stealthy, tries to finish fights unfairly and quickly or runs away. Excellent stealth, good fighting against the unaware, some shadow spells. Examples - Wormtongue, Ulfang.
There's a lot of conceptual overlap here with the burglar. I think that frankly Bilbo is just a "good" brigand, or alternately Wormtongue is just an evil burglar. Most of our classes don't currently make moral judgements, which provides some pleasing ambiguity about @'s nature (see also all the "maybe the player is evil" discussions we occasionally have). It'd be a shame to lose that.
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